Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The whole lot of Semester

Before it's one month after a blogpost, I'll better update a new one because... lots of things had happened and I better not delay any blogposts. Procrastinating has been my hobby these days, I abandoned almost everything just for myself to be able to lie on bed and.. sleep (uni days are happiest days). Now, playtime's over and here I am!

Guess what, my second year in uni just over! Except the part that exam is coming... uhm, never mind. I'm feeling a bit of emotional knowing the fact that my university days coming to an end already... Next September will be the start of my final year (InshaaAllah if I passed all the subjects hehe). One year is just as short as a month. Like now, in a blink of an eye, my 21st birthday is coming... University (and single) days are the happiest aren't they? I get to spend tonnessss of time just for myself and my truly loved ones. Until your long distance friends keep calling you for skype and you're always unavailable then you start to realize... that you're not living in your own world, go socialize pleaseee. Haha.

However, this semester has been TOTALLY  CHALLENGING, YET WONDERFUL AND AMAZING. It has been a journey with ups and downs and that's always been the most wonderful part of it. Through tweets & instagram, I did update my daily things quite frequently. But I will do it specially for blog too, 'cos one day I know I will reread it and promise not to laugh at myself.

So, chronologically in reverse... 

SPYTL Scholars Dinner

Here I got to meet some of the staff, Ex-scholars and Scholars of YTL. Was so excited to be able to meet new friends from a University of my favourite state, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, to also mingle with the staff of YTL who are very very nice and cute in person! I thought they all are serious and formal like that but nahhh, they are cuter than me! I got also to learn more about YTL Foundation and what they have done, that I find that their objectives really suit my soul and goal, which is to inspire people to be better and have a better life. I wish I could utilise the platform here to be just what I want, to inspire people all over the world :). Now, I get more excited to join them as an intern this coming summer. Weeeee. 

International Construction Week 2016

Here, I learnt a lot on construction industry and fell in love even more and more. The feeling when I once googled and researched about this one thing for assignment and still clueless until I went to this convention. The concept this year is ecobuild which is really MY THING. Ecobuild such as sustainability, green building, IBS all those things are definitely my field of interest. Develop the nation, profitable project but at the same time protecting the environment, who doesn't want that?? I'd definitely go for this topic for my final year thesis. Hehe.  For those who didn't get to go this year, you might want to join next year. I might go again next year thoughhh.

My friends and I all had to wear smart casual that day. But I think everyone looked formal instead. They all looked pretty and smart! Can't wait for the day everyone will dress in business attire which is really adorable in my eyes.

And... Next!

The RISM (Royal Insititute of Surveyors Malaysia) QS Race 2016

It was a veryyyy fun game! I enjoyed every bit of it very much. We struggled though to complete given tasks. The picture above was when we were completing cost estimate (which we have NEVER done before). Basically the game was that we were required to go to every station using public transportation as given in the instruction. At each station, we got to do tasks regarding QS Job of course like cost estimate, bill of quantities, payment certificates, form of contract etc. There are bonus tasks where we'd be given bonus for extra 15 minutes time which will be counted together when we reached the finishing line. And... 15 minutes penalty also given if we couldn't finish task within 30 minutes. Plus, no phones allowed during this race! Only our accompanying lecturer's phone of course. Our phones were taken first before the game started.

 One of the tasks we needed to do was to take a creative picture with the most number of likes to promote Uda Legasi...

 We reached the finishing line first! So exhausted yet happy faces... with our accompanying lecturer (not from the same Uni) who was so nice to us throughout our journey to and fro.

Project Presentation

We've finally done with presentation and now we already submitted the whole project report! It was a group work and I really enjoyed going through ups and downs with them together, staying until so late at campus, brainstorm like crazy and worked our best of course. Like the Malays always say, memerah keringat. Gitewh. Hope we'd be in the same group againnnnn.

Site Visit & TRIP to Penang!!!

This was the highlight of the semester. Bunch of thanks to Miss Zahirah for organising a very enjoyable yet knowledgeable site visit for us. We visited a residential project at Jitra, Kedah where the Project Manager is a very good architect and he managed the project very wisely. One unit was to be completed in 1 month if they are to be built one by one. Imagine say there are 270 units, then the construction will only complete in 270 units x 30 days = 8100 days = 22 years. Very long, right?? Until the Architect gets grandchild also the project still haven't completed. The targetted completion of all the units is about 18 months if I'm not mistaken. So the Architect concurrently progress the construction process for instance after the foundation has done at a few units, he progressed with walls, and progressed another foundation at another units which he has systematically arranged. A lot of the units have completed already now! Construction projects are actually like magic, smart people are there to make sure they achieve their target. And.. nothing is impossible.

 And of course, as we reached northern part of Malaysia which is verryyyy far until our butt pain, we better visit Penang and eat!!! Bunch thanks to my penang people friend, Jolene for taking us a tour in Penang which has been definitely wonderful. I finally made it to Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera) which is suchhhh a beautiful place.

 I still can't move on from this Asam Laksa.  I won't explain more, just look at those chillies. The aunty so nice, I told her, "Spicy, please." And she gave me A SPOON OF CHILLIES oh mai god. I was just...... #speechless #heaven.

High School Friends

Despite the hectic schedule, as long as possible, I will always try my best to make time for my old friends of course. I met Eisya, Aiman, Wafa, Nadia, Arif in both March and April. These people are amazing. We laughed, talked a lot and all those things that took me back to my SAMURA time. Oh dear, high school.

Hot air balloon date with my sayang, Eisya. The person I always look forward to meet again! Omg this girl, I didn't expect that 6 hours was actually not enough for our date! T__T

When can I kidnap you again?? Hehe. 

I also met Wafa, Nadia and Arif... Omg sometimes I thought a few years passed would change people, but I was definitely wrong. They are still the same, especially WAFA! Omg her rants and laugh out loud ahaha definitely made our day.

And... Aimanani! Remember I wanted to take a picture with her after our matchy matchy blooming peonies?? Hehe. Nahhhh here it goes....

The struggle... So that her peonies can be seen... haha! 

Like, finally.... our blooming Peonies. <3 Heee.

Despite laughters and chats and thousands of pictures, may all our friendships with those we loved are in Allah SWT's blessings. Always.

After a whole lot of things happened during the semester, that I also don't get to update here on blog, I am utterly grateful for all the challenges as well as happiness that Allah granted us all. So....I ended my semester with a good cafe latte at dal.komm. What a blessing! Alhamdulillah.