Saturday, 21 January 2017


2017 is here!!!  I am definitely so excited to start off this year. And YES I'm back here for my White & Evian's first ever post in 2017. I was in front of my lappy doing dissertation and took a break by listening to Matthew Hussey, my favourite relationship guru, he's amazing! So what I learned from him just now reminds me to blog again! I would LOVE to blog whenever I came across something new or something I would like to discuss about which I find really beneficial for me and fellow friends, I definitey want to share!

Stay tune inshaaAllah I'll be back! but first, here's to a more awesome, blessed, and excited 2017!!

(throwback to one of my fav picture on my favourite family hoilday!)

Thursday, 15 September 2016


A huge apologies I owed to my own blog and all of you for being MIA for quite some time (I know it's a longggggg time). Many things happened and I'd loveee to share everything here! Stay tuned.... because I am still blogging!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

I have decided

I have always been curious. As a woman, what type of flowers you think symbolizes you? I never think I have one. It's 'cos, I don't really know nice nice flowers, just the typical bunga kertas (bougainvillea) I always see at my kampung's yard. If I were to make it as "my flower" because it's related to my childhood memory, urm, is that ok?

But yahhh, I found my favourite flowers already. Just right when I saw it through instagram pictures, I deeply fell in love already. I could really feel the love. Omg. I was really happy. I felt just like falling in love again... Love, love, love.

(Photo courtesy from Google) - Thank youuu.

Urm, yeah.
Now my future boyfriend should knock his head on wall. "Dang, how should I get this for her?"
Nah, never mind boy, you just send me the picture only also OK. I just really really adore the circular shape it forms as it blooms together. I just realized how cute sakura (cherry blossom) is! 

But.. Erm. I am not only loyal to cherry blossom.

 I loveeeee Peonies and Hydrangeas too. Heee. Ya Allah, All Praises to Allah SWT who created all these so beautifully. I was stressed today actually, Allah definitely created all these for us to have a peace in mind, right? 


(Photos courtesy from Google again)



So preeeeetttyyyy. I can die. Definitely a-must-flower in my future house. Yeah... most probably. Now, I doubt if I have a green thumb. The last tree I tried to plant was Durian Tree, which has died for sure. Sigh..