Tuesday, 29 December 2015

To Eisya

Hi Eisyaaaaa! I promise that this post is not going to make you cry (at least not anything related to sadness hehe). I have to admit that I'm not good at words AT ALL, but just know that this post is specially dedicated to you, my darling friend.

You are so dear to me. The one who makes me feel like I'm not single hahaha. Very often when people in a relationship, daily life is filled with lovely text messages asking how you are doing, what is your plan this weekend, etc. And also, even the one who will be one of the firsts to like/comment on your twitter or instagram post hehe. So, Eisya is one of them among my lovely dovey best girlfriends.

Ultimately, those don't have to be the reasons for me to love you as my very good friend and hence this post. Somehow this is something I have been longing to do to my very darling friend to let you know how significant little things you ever did to me has made my life so so so overwhelmed with love. Honestly, I'm not a good or caring friend, I don't call or text my bestfriends very often (I am actually very disappointed with myself for this, hence I have this one special resolution for 2016). That is why I deeply appreciate friends who always text me asking how I am doing, talking little silly things, tagging me on posts instagram/facebook/twitter, cos I know how those little things actually take a lot of effort. And nahhh, not that I do not appreciate those who don't text me often, cos I know they still remember me so much, right guysss? Hehehe. We just can't make time for each other, just like meeee, I don't know why I have always been too tired to actually start conversation through texts. But hey, I love and remember my friends in my du'a always. I am so sorry I can hardly find time for you guys and even for you Eisya sweetie, but just know how honoured I am to have friend like you.

You are also the first one to comment on my very first entry on this blog, and also probably one of my loyal readers, are you Eisya? Hahaha I know you are :P You comforted me during the bad times, the one who still responses to my texts although I usually reply so so late (awak dengan Aimanani sama je haha). Still remember my study week?  I thought I had the worst study week ever cos I just moved to new house, which was totally an exhausting one, the worst situation for me to study, I felt so so so bad, but.... you were there, wishing me luck for my finals and studies, giving me one of the reasons to stay courageous.

So, this coming January is your turn to have your finals and you are now in study week, honey (actually, Eisya's Dad just passed away yesterday, Al-Fatihah). When I thought I had the toughest study week ever, Allah is indeed showing me the reality that someone is actually facing tougher days more than I thought I had, and like a wake up call,  it's you the 'someone' is, the one who is always there for the ones she loves.

You shall have received a lot of messages from friends of course, including a long message from me, that those might not even tell either it will make you feel better. I am so glad if you are already redha for everything, you might not be sad anymore, or maybe still sad, or you just feel nothing (I am so sorry I couldn't be there, dear), but this post is specially written to honor you as a friend who is always there, and that I wish you to always have courage like how you asked me to before my finals, for you to ace the study week, to be strong like how you told me just that day. Know whattt Eisya, you can dooo ittt Eisya. If you need to cry, just cry, Allah might want you to cry and seek for Him. Sometimes we need to cry too, to see the world in a clearer 'view', okay? And after that everything will be very prettier and more wonderful than you ever expecteddd hehe.

 And Eisya....

.....I miss the smile! Wish to see it again (Sorry curi gambar awak dekat instagram ehehee) !! Can't waitttt to see you this 2016 (Ahhhh, dah lebih setahun plan nak jumpa kahkah, tak jumpa jumpa jugak Eisyaaa haihhh tup2 nanti Eisya dah kahwin  T__T).

 Last but not least, just tell me if you need me or other friends who will be always, always, always be there for you too. We love you, honey. Have courage, and be kind!! (Quote from Cinderella movie hikhik).

Take care Eisya. Al-Fatihah to Eisya's Dad. He is indeed one step closer to meeting Allah... Haihh, O' Allah, we miss you so much, please do take care of Eisya's Dad and place him among the righteous ones. We all can't wait to meet you too, Dear Allah. May Allah forgive all the sins of the ones reading this, and of eeeeevery Muslims in the world and please guide all of us (who haven't died yet) to the right path always. Let's always be prepared for our turn to go back to our home, Jannah, the place we have left too long already. Remember that Allah is right there waiting for us, and He always wants to meet us too, hence those tests He gave to us to guide us to path leading to Him. And that day will be us meeting Allah..our truest Love! Amin, InshaaAllah. Together in Jannah okay? (:  (hugs and kisses)

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Post Exam!!!

Hellooooooo. I have been keeping this post as draft quite long actually! Can'ttt wait to post this one yaay now time to spend all my heart to The White & Evian.

Just came back from Holiday with family in Penang!! But let's just make a quick playback to the part that I've FINALLY done with finals! Arrrhh, crazy semester it was. Didn't realize how time flies so fast and all of sudden finals was just right in front of me! Where my time at all this while??  Too stressed until I had fever during the exam week (nightmare, right?). Still not fully recover until now :'(  So please pray at least I passed all the papers!! Don't want to resit please! How miracle if I passed with all A+. Wondeeeerfullll. But, beyond everything, Alhamdulillah. I have never sit exams with fever actually so it was quite a good memory! I aced all the challenges!! (at least for me heheee)

Oh, by the way, my sister just graduated from LimKokWing University! It was a nice Graduation Ceremony, very happening! I'm soooooo happy for my sister. I knew she went through hard times to finally success with flying colours in her studies. I couldn't help but was overwhelmed by mixed feelings of sad, happy, touched = almost teared in happiness. Hahaha. Too sensitive.

 Congratulations Sistah!!! You deserve all the happiness and love in the world. Stay success dunya & akhirah inshaaALLAH. Love ya!

Trip to Penang was wonderful either! It's been long since our family in a complete 6 to gather and giggle with stupid jokes, eat like monters, use the hotel swimming pool as if it was all ours andddd romantic dinner (for 6) haha. So so fun. What's fun to me was, having a brother with wonderful photography skills so we actually used each other to take photos of each other cause we really care for our ig feed each other. :P

Of Kerang Bakar and Pasembur (one of compulsory delicacies in Penang) ! Nom nom.

Checked in at Padang Kota Lama! Historical town in Penang. I loveee.

 One of the (uncountable) photos I captured for the sake of my brother's ig feed. Haha. He can be a good model anyway. And he knows what he wants so he can just instruct me for the angle he needs for his photo.

Nice colours, aren't they? Nature never fails to amaze me! Can't stop praising its beauty. Allah is Great indeed. It was really good to have myself back to nature. Fresh air, Blue sky, Green trees, Beautiful beach, allll with my family. I'm just so thankful and blesssed for everything. Still can remember how bad the haze has made us feel, making me can't stop thank Allah for all the fresh and clean air He had given to us all this while, and even all for free. Can imagine if we have to pay for a gram of Oxygen?

Thank you Adik (my brother) for those amazing photos you have captured for me and the nature soulmate! He is now my official wedding photographer (for free guys LOL)

That's all for now! Not feeling very well, still. But here I'm promising a special post before 2016. Till I see you guys again soon!! By the way, all the best for finals to all my friends who's facing them soon! You guys can do it, success with DL, okay? Amin, inshaaALLAH. Ultimately, do study for the sake of learning, to be better from yesterday by the struggle of gaining new knowledge every second. InshaaALLAH you will all be rewarded both in the world and hereafter. Be patience always, indeed, Allah is with the patience(s). Love youuuu, xoxo <3

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Nothing beats Allah's gifts

It is and remains a hectic week for me until 18th of December! Not only courseworks and exams shut me up for a while,it's also because my sister and I just moved to our new condo. It's been a very exhausting and challenging week for me, the new house also has no wifi yet... Now I am at campus just for the sake of getting wifi connection. Look, how people are willing to do anything just for wifi.

I just submitted my Contract Coursework last Friday. Soooo happy to see the output of it. Cause this time, I've been challenged physically and emotionally. Moving house wasn't easy, we have looaaaaadsss of things to pack, even stuff in my room can't all fit into one car. I only had yesterday to at least 'keep calm and have a restful day.'  Despite all the sweats, and tears (cehh hehe), Allah gave a very unexpected satisfaction after all I've went through for the Coursework. Though exam is not done yet, I hope Allah would give me the same in return too, please pray for me, I'm very worried for my finals actually, this sem around I think I didn't do best enough yet :'(

So, here I'd like to share with you the photos of my Condo Yard. It's so pretty that my sister and I have figured out spots for #ootd. Haha. It's so pretty! I love the concept, it's more to green concept and most importantly, simplicity. I went here once just expecting myself to reclaim some calmness, but instead I got ideas for more blogposts which I should really AVOID cos it's finals week ok, Nadzirah.

 Nice place, right? I was so glad despite our tiredness of moving house at a very critical time, we are in return given with a very convenience and beaaaautiful place which is wayyy better than our previous one. To return home after a tiring day at Campus is just so exciting. As the saying goes, 'Home is where the heart is..'

 Recently I learnt that, if you're so stressed that you simply can't think, but in front of you, you have loads of things to do that need YOU to think. I advice you to, go relax your mind by having a romantic date with Allah :), laugh with your loved ones, simply be close to them. InshaaAllah you'll get what you really need. Don't force yourself to think when you just can't. That's what I did when I was so stressed that I really have no ideas what to write for my Coursework, the due date was just in two days :'( Alhamdulillah now I have submitted it peacefully! Maybe it's just Allah who misses you to miss Him..

I need to go now. Lecture notes are callinggg, and now, suddenly migraine is attacking. Arghh, pray for me ok guys! I apologize if I have said things that ever hurt anyone of you. I pray that may every one of us have eyes that always see the best in people, heart that forgives the worst, mind that forgets the bad, and soul that never loses faith, inshaaAllah ;)