Sunday, 18 June 2017

Breathing new air

After the second week of being employed, I have had a coooolllll 2 weeks of my life already. The newcomers including me, went through an induction on the first day and soon after that, we were brought to our desks! You've no idea how exhilarating it was for me to see a desk with my name on it. The feeling of finally having a job and a project to handle... we were dedicated a big and meaningful project to do. Everybody in the office is doing the same project, just by different roles and obligations. In the one space of office, we are one big family, and we are a team.

The moment I stepped into the office, the situation in the office was as lively as night market, with voices coming from every angle of the room. But sometimes at one moment, suddenly the office turns as quiet as exam hall hahaha. Most of them are men in the room. It's no surprise to me as I know which industry I'm in right now. The existence of me and my friends added around 5% of female in the room? Hahaha.

For this project, we'll all be placed on site. I know the impression that I'm gonna get as one of the five female in the room. Being a junior QS, with my sometimes-soft-and-feminine look, one of the few malays (and muslims), am I good enough to contribute for this project? Hahaha.

(picture courtesy from Google)

Maybe I'm wrong, but MAYBE (just maybe) some of the people would underestimate me, because I look small, young and inexperienced. But hell yeah, I am so going to prove them wrong. What makes them think only men (or older and more experienced people) could do well in this industry? In their eyes, I might look soft and naive, but think before you realize what actually my brain, hands (and heart) can do. *grins* Hmmm just motivating myself right here haha.

  (picture courtesy from Google)

Guys, if you're millennials and currently reading this,  as soon as you get your job, you'd have to always be positive in whatever position you're in, and however much salary you're being paid. But of course, you ALWAYS have to understand and aware of your rights as employees and as humans. Don't be too calculative of your time and effort, but always be brave and strong that don't let the superiors bully you and let you down.

In our 20s, it's time for us to learn, to sacrifice, and essentially, to GROW as much as you can, be it mentally or physically, build your networks and nurture relationships that bring out the best in you.

Definitely I'm so excited for my career and can't further wait to contribute to the industry. For now, I have my own goals for the path I chose. But ultimately, I want to learn a lot, and soooo thrilled to finally be able to give back to my country! Alhamdulillah.

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