Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Ramadhan LOVE

"Allahuakbar Allahuakbar..." The echo of Azan for breaking fast time today embarks the official end of Ramadhan this year (24/6/2017). My heart sank. The month of mercy and forgiveness has officially left us. The month that I can count on for me to seek for more forgiveness than usual, to look forward for laylatulqadr, and to be at the state where I feel the closest to Allah.

This year, Ramadhan has been a little bit different for me.  It taught me something more than the previous years ever did.

On the first day of Ramadhan this year, I didn't know what I was actually really looking forward to. I wasn't even so excited to celebrate it. But I was actually looking for something. Something that would take me to another level of a person I can be, someone better, someone who acknowledges the beauty of this holy month, someone who understands more about Islam, and someone who yearns for Allah's love even more. Yes. That's actually what I wanted.

But I had no idea what should I do. I didn't even have official list of Ramadhan goals. But I kept one thing in mind -- I wanted to do my best. I wanted to be close to Allah as much as possible.

Our/My Ramadhan journey surely has its ups and downs. I struggled a lot to be someone who is more patient, more forgiving and more kind. On the other hand, I encountered so so so many blessings and beautiful truth about the world of my surrounding.

As far as I could remember, this Ramadhan taught me :

1) To be a better example of a Muslim to those who do not understand and/or misunderstand  the practice and faith in Islam.

2) To be someone who understands that us, humans came from different background, different experiences, and different personality and then only would we understand why they act in a way that is uncomfortable and unfamiliar to us. (and ... I am still struggling with this) :(

3) To put effort in "progressing" than seeking for "perfection". Ultimately in worshipping Allah through both wajib and sunnah practices.

I was and still moved with the experiences that came to teach me and three of them are as above. They took me back to my intention on the first day of Ramadhan -- to do my very best. and to be closest to Allah as possible.  He gave me experiences that made me think and reflect a lot. Although they are not necessarily sweet experiences, but the way the experiences slapped me on my face or gave butterflies in my stomach are nothing compared to the outcome of them, to help me grow and change my thinking.

Now that Ramadhan left with lessons for me to learn, may all of us could put effort and remain steadfast in doing our best to be a better version of a human and ultimately, a Muslim. :)

And.. thank you Allah for the Ramadhan love. You love us so much that you heard me, even when I didn't ask things from You verbally :)

(Photo of my favourite mosque of the decade : Masjid Cyberjaya)

Celebrating the arrival of Syawal, the victory month of Muslims, I sincerely apologise for any wrongdoings from the bottom of my heart. May Allah blesses all of us, accepted our deeds throughout the Ramadhan, and take us again to next Ramadhan. Amin!

p/s : Currently sleepy but insisted in posting this entry hence a short one. Thanks for reading!

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