Sunday, 10 September 2017

My big day! - Graduation Ceremony

The moment of walking on the stage... smiling at the camera... receiving a scroll... of degree! The moment I have been waiting my whole life... The moment I have been imagining myself to be in... it's definitely the most most most historical day of my life. I probably sound like exaggerating it, but how do I say it better, it was a day to celebrate me, my friends, our journey and our achievement. I bet people can tell I had the best smile, that day.

And here I am finally writing a blogpost of my graduation ceremony (which was held on 16th of July 2017) for me to re-read again as one of the day that's full of happiness, celebration, thankfulness and success!

It feels more sentimental to write this when I am now in the industry for almost a quarter year, cause I have never been less than blessed, to carry the honour and responsibility as a Heriot-Watt University graduate Quantity Surveyor. Working life is another story, but it's all about excitement I'm tellin ya.

It was a beautiful day at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside in the morning and my university plaza in the afternoon (they are just side by side anyway!) I reached there with my family and the first thing I saw was a group of the early birds who were already in their robes and bouquets of flowers, happily taking photos at the hotel compound. Sooooo exciting. It felt surreal that I was experiencing it myself now, you know, the robes & flowers thing. While putting on the robe, nah I didn't expect us to get to wear the mortar board, wasn't physically prepared for that! I already put on my shawl perfectly but the mortar board challenged my temper that day. Alhamdulillah I managed to be comfortable and everything was fine the whole day!

The most important selfie - a selfie with Mom after the first few seconds wearing the robe!

With five of my charismatic classmates, who are now working at the same place with me, doing the same megaproject! 

My source of happiness and studymates at uni!

The whole classmates!

Signing the pioneer wall of fame! 

My message as the pioneer undergraduate (featured by @heriotwattmalaysia instagram, which took place at the same day to celebrate Heriot-Watt University (Malaysia Campus) 5th Birthday!

Working life has been an amazing journey, and I'm getting more excited as days pass for me in the industry, preparing my best self, learn as much as I can to contribute to my beloved country and fellow Malaysians. My love for our country will never fade and now... I present myself to you, Malaysia as your young and energetic Quantity Surveyor <3

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